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Helpful Hints Before you Begin:


  • Apply to as many scholarships as you can!   Statistics show, on average, you may be awarded 1 scholarship for every 6 competitive scholarships for which you apply. Scholarships are a numbers game….so if you would like to receive multiple awards, expect to apply to at least a dozen or more.  While this may seem like a lot of effort, the initial investment of your time can really pay off. 

  • Take an extra moment to ensure your scholarship applications are the BEST they can be. Have a parent, teacher or your counselor review your application materials and read through your essays prior to submission. Remember in a competitive selection process, your application must stand out and impress!

  • Beware of scams.   A general rule is it should never cost money to find scholarship money.DO NOT pay any organization or individual to apply for scholarships. Legitimate scholarships NEVER ask for an application fee.  

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*Please note that there are scholarship opportunities available that cannot be applied to online. Descriptions can be found in the scholarship database above and some applications can be found in the Guidance Office 
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The cost of college has increased dramatically over the past several decades.From $18,300 per year, in 2000 to more than $27,300 in 2017. Data shows black students take out federal student loans at a higher rate than white students and borrow more than any other ethnic group.

To help combat this crucial issue, our experts at Bankrate created a guide to help black college students find scholarships that reduce their loan burden and other alternative methods of funding their education.

Take a look at this guidebook full of helpful tips, resources
and information for college students living with a disability.
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