*Please check with your student’s school counselor to determine which courses align with your student’s graduation requirements. 

  1. Go to and scroll down to "create a new student account". This is where your student will fill in all of his/her information and provide contact information for a parent/guardian. On this page there is a place for "Physical School Affiliation". Please put in Newport High School so their school counselor can help track their progress in the course. 

  1. After you submit this page, the student will get an email sent to them with instructions on how to log in to their account. Once they log in, there is going to be a button that says Dashboard. Click into that and then there should be a list of courses that you can filter through on the left side of the screen. Click into the high school section and and find your desired course(s). Once you click on this, a list of competencies should come up and you will check off the whole segment. Each segment is typically equal to ½ credit. Then click "add to backpack". Once you do this, you can view your backpack. In the backpack, you will be able to pick if you want to take the course as a normal course, or they sometimes have project based versions of the class which are set up differently. I usually recommend the course version if you are looking for the more typical class style. Once you choose this piece, then you will save changes and then submit. 

  1. After your student submits their request for the course, whatever parent/guardian email they put in will receive an email asking you to approve the course. After this you will wait a little while then receive another email when the teacher has been assigned. In this email they will have you schedule a welcome call and then you can get rolling! 

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